002: Cheryl Lynn of Cheryl Lynn International – My Story

Cheryl Lynn | Online Digital Marketing Specialist

Hi, my name is Cheryl Lynn and I was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario Canada by my Mom and Dad.Cheryl Lynn | Online Digital Marketing Specialist

I was the oldest of 4 children and also the oldest of 19 grandchildren on both my Mom and Dad’s side.  Being the oldest comes with many challenges and lessons in life but I truly believe it set me up to the leader I have become today.   Being the oldest your nationally positioned in the family, as I mentioned to experience things in life “first”.  First to wear makeup, first to enter school, first to drive a car, first to babysit etc. which I did my fair share of.  Babysitting and being the oldest really embedded the roots of being a nurturing person taking care of others first vs my own needs. I also trusted people and had a great sense of intuitiveness which still today.   I can feel so very strongly and quickly whether a person struggles or not.  And if I see that they struggle, I’m always lending a helping hand.

I was raised attending church.  Sunday school, youth programs and church camps.  I was rooted with great bible, ethical and respectful teachings. My mom was of Nazarene denomination and my dad was of Pentecostal denomination.

At the age of 16 I started working part time in a pizza parlour while attending high school.  I’ll never forget the name “Lico’s Pizzara” I was making $2.00 per hour enough for me to stay on top of trendy clothes.  I was always a very energetic type person and played competitive sports.  While working part time the sports that I was involved in was very important to me.  Winning S.O.S.S.A. Zone championships in long distant running and hurdles where just a few of the many awards I received on top of being on the cheerleading squad baseball team and volleyball team.

By the age of 17 I graduated myself out of the pizza parlour  working career to my Dad’s real estate business while still attending high school and doing my sports.

From high school I immediately got my first full time job at a bank getting.  By the age of 19 I was promoted as head teller, owned my own car and had my own apartment. However, I was missing my sports.  By my early twenties I applied to be a cheerleader for a professional football team, the Hamilton Ti-Cats.  This was NOTHING compared to high school.  It was a major try out with vigorish training with a choreographer. I made the team and stayed on for a year and a half.  It was a huge commitment with practices and travelling, which I loved until my job took me to another city (Toronto) and I couldn’t continue to uphold my duties due to heavy work load and I could never get on time to the practices and games.

I continued building upon my career resume in working for many large corporations in senior managerial and V/P positions dueing accounting and payroll and working for companies such as Dairy Queen, Laidlaw Carriers and Marriott Hotels.

By 1989, I started to get restless.  My career was not fulfilling me.  I was just working to work.  I was on autopilot and not feeling fulfilled with my career.  So by 1990 I took a huge leap in myself and faced one of the most biggest challenge in my life…entrepreneurship. I loved it!!!!

For over 2 ½ decades I served over 1,000’s of local business entrepreneurs with their accounting and payroll needs while also investing in two Cheryl Lynn | Online Digital Marketing Specialistother businesses.  One a franchise, in the cleaning niche and the other building my own from scratch a Spa and Tanning business which I was going to franchise, thanks to T.Harv Eker and his book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.  We had so many wonderful years!  Luxury vacations and cars, staff of over 45 employees, living financial freedom choices, housekeepers, grounds keeper, etc. My family and I enjoyed so much of what I had worked hard at building.  There where many times of disheartening sacrifices my family faced while I built those businesses.  But, it was worth it.  We were well on our way to a wonderful retirement!

But by 2010, my world crashed! My businesses where built basically around trusting employees first and not by systems.  When I was working for big business they had strong systems in place and I got very frustrated at times with this type ofCheryl Lynn | Online Digital Marketing structure.  So when I build mine, I focused on giving and trusting employees  with authority around systems vs myself controlling systems and having audit measurables in place.  Boy, was I wrong!   By not having built a STRONG and solid foundation of systems first, my businesses and retirement assets fell victim to the horrible economic crash of 2008/2009 and employee embezzlement.

Cheryl Lynn | Online Digital Marketing SpecialistMy mentor Les Brown said to me, “Do not let the past define you!  The good lord kicked you so hard in the butt as he has better things for you! Figure out how you are going to serve others in this new economy by your story.”  It was then I had an AH, HA moment….SYSTEMS, DIGITAL MARKETING for local business.

Knowing that the world was headed digitally and small to medium size businesses where not even close to believing that this is where they should invest some time and money, I knew it was going to catch up them sooner or later, I was going to ready to help them.  I knew that all local business entrepreneurs where going to have to take that plunge someday in switching from old traditional mediums to the new Mobile and Digital mediums and now in 2014 I’m there for them!

It was a crazy journey in learning this stuff online.  It was totally a different mindset and skill that had I had to endure. I was so conditioned mentally from the old.  All I had to do was pick up the phone and call someone to begin the marketing and advertising process within my local business.  But this stuff…ONLINE WAS CRAZY! It was so frustrating and overwhelming to learn….what to do first, how can I get more customers, what are the strategies, the tactics, who do I learn from, etc….it was crazy!!!!!  I started working hard and educating myself extensively in the online marketplace to formulate the best 21st century Online Digital Marketing and Advertising plan for local business entrepreneurs.  It has been a hard  years but it is so well worth it.  Now I am in the continue educational mode, serving local business owners with consulting services, guest speaking, creating books, programs and new for 2014 this podcast…LocalEntrepreneurSpotlight.

While I was in the trenches of learning this stuff, I kept on saying to myself, “WOW, the local business owners would embrace this technology stuff if they could only see the revenue that the ONLINE business owners were making.  They had no huge overhead such as rent, utilities, etc.  It was mind boggling!”  Some how I had to master a formula for them and based on my story you heard today in this podcast, you know I never give up…..I knew I had to be create a way to marriage the offline with the online mediums so that the local business entrepreneur could implement fast and with ease when they where ready.  Nobody was teaching this stuff for local business owners. Matter of fact, recently, I reviewed the 2 year marketing curriculum from a local college and I couldn’t believe what they where teaching.  There was so many things being taught with old traditional marketing ways still and we are in 2014!

I used to be a guest speaker every year for the new business class students at our local college for 8 years so I reached out to the “marketing” business class and I am so excited for the opportunity to share my knowledge to them annually again. Upcoming marketing graduates have to learn and get this stuff!!!!

Local Biz Nation, the online business entrepreneurs have paved the road for us.  All we have to do is model them!

It has taken my over 3 ½ years to learn what needs to be done online to effectively market and advertise a local business in this digital world.  If you talk with all Online Business Owners they will agree with me, it does NOT take over night to implement this stuff.  It takes TIME, MONEY and commitment.

The way I see it Local Biz Nation there are 3 ways you can start:

1) you can hire an employees
2) you can learn it yourself
3) you can hire a consultant (hopefully) it would be my team and I.

If you where to put time and resources into educating yourself of taking your local business digital, it will save you so much $$$$$$.  Marketing online is not NEAR the cost of old traditional marketing.  I’ll share one example:  If I called my local newspaper and they ran a “Business Showcase” for my business for one day it would cost me over $5k and within a day or so ppl would forget they even saw it.    However, if you did a “Business Showcase” for your business online it would stick forever!  And even if you advertise it on Facebook it would cost you peanuts compared to a magazine ad.  That’s the beauty of building your virtual location online.

Marketing, Advertising and Sales has it’s OWN positions in a business. And if you don’t have a solid marketing system and foundation in place for your virtual location and the right advertising and optin offers to build your client list from the internet landscape you will not have sales.  Marketing is king these days for a local business! And Google will push your business to that consumer looking for you, FREE with it’s new 2014 algorithms but your job Local Biz Nation is to get out there.

I know it will cost you but remember this:  “In business the headaches and cost are in the front end, the money is in the back end”

I am so happy, passionate and excited about who I serve and do these days.  Online Digital Marketing may be overwhelming for many but with my energy, knowledge, skills and training my team and I can make tremendous strides in revenue for a local business and to be honest at times the joy I see in my customers eyes will bring me to tears. There is never a doll moment in working online.  It’s an industry that changes daily and I love the challenge, the education and growth it gives me!

Cheryl Lynn International is a team of entrepreneurs with tremendous expertise.  Cheryl Lynn International recognizes that local business entrepreneurs are a special breed with special needs, that’s why we are always available and pride ourselves on responsiveness. I have a tremendous passion for continued education and consulting services in Online Digital Marketing and Advertising SYSTEMS for local business entrepreneurs so they may have THE best competitive advantage with leading edge systems and expertise for growth.

I have been taught by some of the most amazing world class ONLINE Business Entrepreneurs in formulating marketing and advertising systems all of whom enjoy 5, 6 and even 7 digital monthly incomes and have their businesses on autopilot.  Today, I have created and formulated amazing online digital marketing and advertising systems for local business from THE best online business entrepreneur.  It takes time to build these solid foundational structures online, but if you build it correctly like you would for your own building, it will take heavy duty cranes to bring the structure and systems down.

The hardest part of learning the ins and outs of Online Digital Marketing was taking what the ONLINE biz owner was doing and formulating the strategies and tactics to work in the offline world.  Local Biz entrepreneurs have different elements to work with in business vs the Online Biz entrepreneur. But trust me when I say this, “Once you get your virtual location set up correctly, you will never go back, because it works!”

3 months and a lot of hard work later, I have launched localentrepreneurspotlight.com podcast for you Local Biz Nation.  There is so much help out there for Online biz owners to learn from but very little help for the Local Biz owners.  This is the podcast dedicated to  Local Business Entrepreneurs in helping them learn and share for FREE and most importantly we have your back online.
I have no clue where this medium will take me, but one thing I do know is that this podcast positively consumes me and I love what I do….helping Local Biz Nation!

I know deep within you Local Biz Nation, that you know you have to break out yourself and get your local business online.  I truly hope that through this podcast and interviewing Local Business Entrepreneurs, it helps and inspires you to get on board with your Online Digital Marketing and Advertising and BUILD A SOLID FOUNDATION SYSTEM!  If you take anything away from this podcast episode, I hope you take away that you have to make sure that your marketing and advertising has a strong SYSTEM.  You don’t have to know all the hows but you DO have to understand how it all works, the risks involved and to how to make sure your marketing is in full audit mode based on SYSTEMS.  You also have to make sure that you have a TRUSTED source that has your back online.  This is one very important lesson I learned from ONLINE Business Entrepreneurs! They are great with CONTROLLING every aspect of their Online Digital Marketing if at all they hire NO third party software companies.   To many scams are happening online and don’t leave your company so vulnerable.  I would hate for you to go through what I experience. And it is even more important these days since we know depend so much of our marketing and advertising digitally. Remember,   SYSTEMS, SYSTEMS, SYSTEMS I preach!  🙂

I personally want to dedicate this episode to my husband of over 29 years and our son who is 28,  both who fell victimized as well but  have stuck by me and believed that I would bounce back.  Thank you so much and I love you so very much!

I want to thank you for joining me here at LocalEntrepreneurSpotlight.com or lespotlight.com for short.  I have enjoyed sharing and giving you more information about me and my career journey.   If you find value in this podcast and the message we’re trying to spread at LocalEntrepreneurSpotlight.com, then click the subscribe button below, and give my show a review and (hopefully!) 5 star rating.  This type of support will allow my show to gain the recognition it needs to reach as many local business owners as possible. In turn, we’ll be able to share this incredible free medium of knowledge and experience with the world. Plus, I will make sure to give you a personalized thank you in an upcoming show.

If you wish for your local business to be spotlighted on our show in  iTunes, on Stitcher Radio and Blackberry for FREE, please send me an email to cheryl@lespotlight.com along with your web address and I will review your request.

I want to leave you with one of my favourite quote’s from my mentor Brendon Burchard….”Don’t let your small business keep you small minded!”

Wishing you all a successful local business serving you and your family to “Live Your Dream Lifestyle”

God Bless and We will talk with you soon!