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Vital Tools To Get You Started


Aweber – This is the only auto responder I recommend.  It is the only one that you will need for quite sometime.  There are others that have more functions but they cost a lot more money per month.  I don’t know what I would do without Aweber!  A superb auto-responder system, ideal for beginners to full blown online marketer. Starting at just $1 to try them out for a month, they’re affordable, reliable and easy to use.  This is recommended to you and should be used for any product or service you wish to start selling online.  You will also need this auto responder if you are just starting to build your client list online.

iContact – This is an auto responder I recommend if you have an offline email list and you are starting to set up your online emailing system.  Autoresponders normally request that you request an option. But when you already have an offline email list and are ready to send your clients an online email or ezine (newsletter), you don’t have to ask your clients to opt in again.  Simply import your email list via an csv file and you are ready to go.  You may be asked by iContact to prove that this list is valid but otherwise it is very simple.  I used them both when I got started online and have began now after several years to incorporate my client list to Aweber.  By the end of 2014 I will only be using Aweber only.


BlueHost: Vital to all business in getting their domains online is Hosting Bluehost is a great hosting company.  I used them in the beginning (2010) when I was first learning Online Digital Marketing.  They have great online/offline team support.  Basically it is your choice,  Bluehost or Hostgator.  I do not recommend using GoDaddy for hosting.  

Hostgator – Another vital tool for your online business. Hostgator takes care of all of your hosting needs! Very affordable and incredibly reliable. You probably don’t have your own hosting account for your website as your webmaster is benefiting from hosting for you and charging you huge annual fees.  I would suggest you having your own real estate online and this is one that I recommend you owning.  If you already have a website owned and hosted by your webmaster, start by getting your blog going, learn the hosting part and then when you are comfortable ask your webmaster for the passwords and Hostgator will help you move them over to your name.  I have used Hostgator for nearly 3 years now, with no problems. Also if you grab the business account you get a free SSL certificate. Very handy for creating landing pages on a super secure site such as Facebook!


GoDaddy  The other tool that you simply cannot go without is a domain registrar. Again own your own real estate online.  GoDaddy is where you would buy your own domain.  These days I own over 100 domains and have many re-directed for SEO purposes.  It is very low cost compared to your webmaster owning them.  I wish I had understood this when I had my local business.  I probably still would own them today.  Instead they turned it off and I lost everything.  Again a huge learning curve that I don’t want you to have experience.  Once you get your own account you can move your existing websites over and you own it.  Great prices for domains and super easy to use when directing url’s to your hosting etc.  Just one tip ONLY buy the domains from them.  Don’t host it with them nor don’t buy any shiny services from them.  GoDaddy is a great marketer and they will throw things at you but keep on clicking no until your purchase is done.  Also watch closely you only want to own the site for one to two years normally.  Sometimes you end up purchasing for 10 years. Just read every screen carefully. 🙂


99 Designs For all your corporate branding logo designs.  From logo design, web page design, business card design, mobile app design, t-shirt design, banner ad design, book cover design to illustrations, 99 Designs is your complete corporate branding design company for very low cost.

  Appointment Schedulers

ScheduleMax – Easy Booking Wizard is the fastest and most intuitive online booking process anywhere for a local business.  Use their online Book Now button or their Booking Wizard Widget on your website or WordPress site.  Their simple HTML web scheduling code can be pasted on your website to add a great looking wizard to your web application.  Clients can book multiple appointments (services)! Clients receive automatic email (or SMS text) scheduling reminders and confirmations. Service Providers can receive appointment notifications via SMS text, email or both!  Plus they have great customer service as Natalie (the owner) is a colleague of mine. I trust her product and it has been working in the LA area for over 4 years and now she has gone global!  I would certainly recommend this appointment scheduler to local business. Sign up today for a FREE trial, you’ll be glad you did.

 Webinar Platform

WebinarJam – Great webinar platform!  It use Google+ so your company also get’s the benefits of SEO on your YouTube channel.  Brilliant marketing strategies behind the product as it was built by one on the world’s brilliant marketer’s Mike Filisame.  I started using this product in February 2014 and I love it.
The world’s most reliable webinar platform…

 Audio Books:

AudioBooks:  Listen Anywhere

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