LocalEntrepreneurSpotlight Interview Flow

We are very excited for you to join us on LocalEntrepreneurSpotlight, a top-ranked local business podcast in over 145+ countries. During our chat, we will take our listeners on your journey as a Local Business Entrepreneur, touching upon frustrating moments, AHA moments, Online Digital Marketing challenges and successes and what is exciting for you and your business right now and into the future.  Below is the interview flow for your perusal. From vast experience, the more REAL LIFE STORIES you can share as opposed to abstract opinion, the better the interview. Thank you again for sharing your journey!

Interview Flow & Questions

Interview PDF Document

1. Intro

  • I will give a brief intro of you and your business, and then turn it over to you to elaborate.

2. Morning Motivation, Success Quote

  • Here you will share what drives in the morning to face the challenges of the day, a success quote/mantra and an example of how you have applied its meaning along your journey.

3. Online Digital Marketing Failure and/or Challenge

  • Share a story of a time in your entrepreneur journey when you decided to make that shift in your business and move to the 21st century of Online Digital Marketing.  What failure did you encountered?  Take us to that time in that journey that was very very challenging that you almost gave up and tell us that story, and share your lessons learned.

4. Online Digital Marketing  “AH-HA” moments

  • Share a story of a time in your entrepreneur journey when all that you where doing in the Online Digital Marketing space that lead you to believe and have that AH-HA moment that gave you the confidence that this was the way you had to move forward in your business. Take us back to that moment and share with us the step(s) you embraced that turned that light bulb moment into success.

5. Current Business

  • Then we will go into detail about your day to day Online Digital Marketing processes and then also touch upon how this is going to move their business into the future.  This will help us not only understand what it is that they do, but it will also help us understand where they feel their particular industry is headed.    What is your vision of the future?  What is your business current doing and that is exciting?

6. The ThunderBolt Round

At this point, we have reached my favourite part… The ThunderBolt Round! This segment probes deep into the mind of our guest to extract priceless nuggets of knowledge about their Online Digital Marketing journey. I feel that the answers to these questions will contain valuable information that every local business entrepreneur should know and implement.  Please give us very brief and quick answers to these questions:

•    What is your biggest challenge you face about being a Local Business Entrepreneur?

•    What is the best part or reward you get in being a Local Business Entrepreneur?

•    What’s your most single biggest challenge around Online Digital Marketing that you faced and how you over came it? (Guest response)

•    What was your biggest fear around Online Digital Marketing and how did you overcome it?(Guest response)

•    What is the most successful result you have had with your Online Digital Marketing for your business?(Guest response)

•    What is your favourite tool or resource online you use that you enjoy using and in love with?

▪    What was the #1 thing that was holding you back from embracing the Online Digital Marketing world for your business in the beginning?

▪    What was the exact first Online Digital Marketing success step that you implemented in your business. What exact strategy or tactic did
you use?

▪    Will you ever go back to your old traditional ways of marketing and advertising your business? Why? (cost? consumers are not hanging
out there?)

▪    What is the next step that your company will be embracing in the Online Digital Marketing and Advertising world?

▪    What is one thing that is really exciting you in your business right now?

▪    What is the best business book and Kindle book you have read in the last six months?

▪    Knowing what you know now about how long it takes time to implement and set up their virtual location, would you advise Local Biz Nation of how to get started with Online Digital Marketing in their business:

  1. Hire individual staff such as a social media person, video marketing person, reputation marketing person…etc
  2. Learn it themselves?
  3. Hire a qualified Online Digital Marketing Manager for a year to help get them up and running correctly with a solid foundation?


▪     Do you have a favourite book that you would recommend to our listeners and why do you like it?

▪     Do you have a favourite charity that you support?

7. Final Segment and closing:

The last segment – We all-live in a different world today—it has gone digital! Although it is still in it’s infancy stage, the digital world is here to stay and it changes and grows every day! Local business entrepreneurs must solve, learn and implement Online Digital Marketing and Advertising strategies and tactics to build their virtual location online if they want to stay in business.

Here is the BIG hightlight question:

Imagine you woke up tomorrow morning, your doing your morning rituals.  You then drive to your office and hopefully listening to Local Entrepreneur Spotlight in your car 🙂  You sit down at your desk and your totally blessed…..for your life, your business and your “Living Your Dream Lifestyle”. Your offline business is rocking, your virtual location is all built and it’s rocking online, your checking the sales, emails, etc.  Then all of a sudden you come across a few emails that say,  _________, please help me!  One emails says: I’m an inspiring entrepreneur and the other one says, : I have a local business that is failing.  Both entrepreneurs need some advice as to where to start and/or how to turn their failing local business around .  What would be the three nuggets of advice you would suggest to them to either start or implement to grow their local business based on your successes and challenges.

I will call you via Skype at the appointed time: Skype: cheryl.lynn57   This is an audio only interview.

Legal Agreement:
Recording: By participating in the LocalEntrepreneurSpotlight.com interview, you agree to allow LocalEntrepreneurSpotlight to record, distribute, and disseminate the podcast in any manner. You also agree to allowLocalEntrepreneurSpotlight to retain rights to the produced media for potential future use in speeches, books, and in all other public distribution.