“Be the Wolf of your local niche online” ~ Cheryl Lynn

Cheryl Lynn - Online Digital Marketing Specialist

Cheryl Lynn International recognizes that Local Business Entrepreneurs are a special breed with special needs, that’s why they are always available and pride themselves on responsiveness and have a passion for continued education and consulting in Online Digital Marketing strategies and tactics for local business owners so they may have the competitive advantage with leading edge knowledge, tips, secrets and strategies for such little time.

LocalEntrepreneurSpotlight.com is all about inspiring Local Business Owners around the world. We want to help you find the Online Digital Marketing T & T’s (tips and and tactics) while being inspired, receiving motivation and having just pure fun.  All in an amazing on-the-go podcast environment in learning to grow your local business and thurderbolt your own entrepreneurial growth and journey.  You can find Cheryl on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and  Google+.

During the 30+minute interviews, the spotlighted Local Entrepreneur shares with us about their journey, their early failures, their inspiring AHA moments, and providing insights about the tactics and the techniques that are working for them right now in their Online Digital Marketing and Advertising processes.   Each show consists of 7 inspiring segments that provides priceless nuggets of information from these successful Local Business Entrepreneurs, encouraging Local Biz Nation, our listeners and fans to take action with their Online Digital Marketing and Advertising needs.

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