004: Cheryl Lynn Speaks About Her Last HVAC Experience

Cheryl speaks about a personal experience with an HVAC business this past week at her home.  Company provided an amazing service and the price was right.  So when she went to leave a review their business was invisible online with no social media sites claimed or their Google local page claimed.  Therefore it left, her as

Local Entrepreneur Podcast

Local Entrepreneur Podcast

the customer, writing a testimony letter to the company.  Now, very rare will you see a consumer take the time to write a testimony letter.  Theses days, with a push of a button a review can easily and conveniently done by consumers.  Make it easy for your customers to leave their reviews online.  Good reviews and responded bad reviews can have a significant impact on your business.

It’s Valentine’s Day, love your customers by making it easy for them to leave a review.

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