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Hi everyone, I’m Cheryl Lynn, and I want to thank you for joining me for the very first episode of LocalEntrepreneurSpotlight.com. Every weekday, I will be interviewing the most exciting and inspiring Local Business Entrepreneurs, which I have nic named Local Biz Nation of today. Each interview will be captivating in its own right, as we will be telling a story… a real life story of a remarkable Local Business Entrepreneur and their successes with Online Digital Marketing and Advertising in building their virtual location online with a solid foundation.

One of the things I am most excited about is that we will be producing a new 30-minute episode 5-days a week. So for you, this means a new episode of LocalEntreprenerSpotlight.com will be waiting to accompany you on your commute to your local business location, your daily jog, or during any daily activity that could use an added dose of inspiration. We will also be following a clear and concise format on every show, so you will know exactly what to expect, day in and day out.

Sound interesting? Well, keep reading and keep listening, and I will go into the details of the interview flow.

Each episode will start with:

Segment #1 – A brief introduction of the spotlighted Local Business Entrepreneur, their business niche and name followed by their favorite morning ritual and/or their favorite success quote that helps them get through their hectic day.

Segment #2 – We get to hear why this is our Local Business Entrepreneur’s favorite, along with how they apply it to their everyday life and and how it helps them mentally plow through overwhelm and frustrations of their day.

Segment #3 – We begin with jumping right into their journey. Local Business Entrepreneurs face many challenges but many don’t share. In the world of digital, getting out there and being truly authentic, this segment will help our Local Biz Nation feel that they are not alone and they will also learn so much from…failure and major challenges our guest speaker faced when it came to their Online Digital Marketing and Advertising aspect of their business.  Our Local Business Entrepreneur will go into detail about a major challenge or failure they’ve encountered in implementing Online Digital Marketing and Advertising strategies and tactics in their business.  We’ll examine the steps that led up to this situation and the actions that were taken immediately after that helped our Local Business Entrepreneur rise above and move forward.

Segment #4 – Now, we’ve all heard about that infamous “AHA” moment.  Many Local Business Entrepreneurs have created their own businesses and as many have advanced to the Online Digital Marketing world to grow their, they have had many “AHA” moments that have inspired them to keep moving forward. This segment takes us through that “AHA” moment: the steps leading up to it, the moment itself, and the actions the Entrepreneur took following their “AHA” moment that helped them believe in this NEW 21st Century ara for marketing and advertising their business and what strategy or tactic has lead them to the successes they are experiencing today.

Segment #5 – Then, we seamlessly move into our Local Business Entrepreneur’s vision for the future. They will go into detail about their day to day Online Digital Marketing processes and then also touch upon how this is going to move their business into the future.  This will help us not only understand what it is that they do, but it will also help us understand where they feel their particular industry is headed.

Segment #6 – At this point, we have reached my favorite part… The ThunderBolt Round! The ThunderBolt Round was created by me as a mere Cheryl Lynn | Online Digital Marketing |Thunderbolt Thinkingreflection of my previous local entrepreneur journey and how a book written by Grace McGartland called Thunderbolt Thinking, Revised: A How-To Guide for Strategic Innovators ignited the spirit within me to keep focused.  Now that I think back those days where pretty easy to grow a local business via old traditional mediums,  but now that the digital ara has arrived I see everyday many entrepreneurs so IMG_4055frustrated and overwhelmed of where to begin and I know their exact pain!  So I wanted to created this segment modeling her older powerful business insights to help us all embrace this NEW world of Online Digital Marketing. Thunderbolt Thinking smashes gridlock thinking in any economy!  This segment probes deep into the mind of our guest to extract priceless nuggets of knowledge about their Online Digital Marketing journey. I feel that the answers to these questions will contain valuable information that every entrepreneur should know and implement.

Questions include:

  • What were the top 3 things that were holding you back from embracing the Online Digital Marketing world for your business in the beginning?
  • What was your first Online Digital Marketing success that you ever received to help you believe that this is how you have to grow your business in the future?  What exact strategy or tactic did you use?
  • Will you ever go back to your old traditional ways of marketing and advertising your business? Why? (cost? consumers are not hanging out there?)
  • What is the next step that your company will be embracing in the Online Digital Marketing and Advertising world?
  • What is the best business book and Kindle book you have read in the last six months?
  • Knowing what you know now about how long it takes time to implement and set up their virtual location, would you advise Local Biz Nation of how to get started with Online Digital Marketing in their business:

A: – Hire individual staff such as a social media person, video marketing person, reputation marketing person…etc
B: – Learn it themselves?
C: – Hire a qualified Online Digital Marketing Manager for a year to help get you up an running correctly with a solid foundation?

Segment #7 – The last segment – We all-live in a different world today—it has gone digital! Although it is still in it’s infancy stage, the digital world is here to stay and it changes and grows every day! Local business entrepreneurs must solve, learn and implement Online Digital Marketing and Advertising strategies and tactics to build their virtual location online if they want to stay in business.  Only 17% of Canadian small to medium size local businesses have done that these days and in the US a Yodle survey showed that only about 1 in 10 small businesses  have figured out how to use social media or online advertising to market their business.  There is such a disconnect between offline and online and it is my hope that through LocalEntrepreneurSpotlight.com podcast we collectively can close this gap and start seeing my successes! Gone are the old, which I call the simple days of advertising and marketing via newspapers, yellow pages, etc., we (entrepreneurs) MUST embrace the new mediums of marketing and advertising via devices.

Here is the BIG hightlight question:

If you woke up tomorrow morning in a sea of sweat and worry about keeping your local business afloat and you knew you had three months to make a significant change, you still possessed all the experience, knowledge and staff you currently have, however your client database and revenues are disappearing, forcing you to start somewhere, anywhere to get back on track and grow your local business fearing closure or simply starting from scratch.  What would you do?

That question resonates with so many local biz nation listeners.  The answer can yield some incredible insight for you that I hope helps you in a BIG way! As free as Local Business Entrepreneurs claims to be, we still have to devote most of our time and resources to advertise and market our business in the new world of technology. Often times we end up watching as ideas and opportunities pass us by, as it seems so overwhelming. You may find yourself in a position where you’re searching for that great idea of how to implement Online Digital Marketing systems and processes, waiting to pounce and take powerful action. Our Local Business Entrepreneur’s insights might just inspire you to take the leap towards that next big idea that will help put your Local Business back on track in 2014 to “Live Your Dream Lifestyle”.

I know deep within all Local Business Entrepreneurs they are looking for ways to really break out and really get their business out there in the digital space.  The old fashion Local Business Entrepreneur took me over 5 years to really break out there and when I finally did, the results have been just simply amazing!  And I want the same for all Local Business Entrepreneurs.  I cannot run your business but what I can do is help you implement the Online Digital Marketing strategies and tactics that will be really rewarding for your business.

I want to thank you again for joining me here at LocalEntrepreneurSpotlight.com.  I truly hope that one, if not all of the episodes I produce, help you “Thunderbolt” your thinking and helps you implement.  If you find value in this podcast and the message we’re trying to spread at LocalEntrepreneurSpotlight.com, then click the subscribe button below, and give my show a review and (hopefully!) 5 star rating.  This type of support will allow my show to gain the recognition it needs to reach as many people as possible. In turn, we’ll be able to share this incredible free medium of knowledge and experience with the world.  Plus, I will make sure to give you a personalized thank you in an upcoming show.

I’m excited for you to listen, and I’m excited for you to begin your Online Digital Marketing journey.  So without further ado…

Local Biz Nation…Prepare to implement!

If you would like to be our next spotlighted “Local Business Entrepreneur”, we would love to have you on our show. It is a tremendous way of showcasing your local business globally shown in over 155 countries through iTunes, over 5,000 fans at Cheryl Lynn International, over 120+ networks of various other social media channels at Cheryl Lynn International.

Please email Cheryl and her team at cheryl@lespotlight.com for further details.

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